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The Life and Work  
of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church 
1778 - 2003 
Two years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Hopewell Church came into being. Its history began with the purchase of two acres of land on April 14, 1778. The deed to this property, still persevered among the documents belonging to the Trustees, was given by "James Huey of the Precinct of Hanover, in the County of Ulster and State of New York, yeoman of the first part, to John Craig of the Precinct of Mamakating and William Cross, Abraham Caldwell, and Robert Thompson of the Precinct of Hanover, parties of the second part, being all of the County of Ulster and State of New York."

Hopewell Presbyterian Church

General Office Hours:
Tuesday - 10:30am - 4:00pm
Thursday - 12:00pm - 5pm

Sunday Worship Service:
10:30 AM

                                         The Session/Trustee 
Membership & Evangelism:                                Buildings and Grounds: David Broadwell, Al Noteboom
Personnel: Don Bruyn                                         Finance: Linda Doty, Mitch Cooper 
Clerk: Lee Baranowski                                        Moderator, Pastor:  

                                          Financial Officers
Financial Secretary,Kate Malina                           Treasurer, Linda Doty 
                                              The Staff 
Ministers: The Congregation                                Office Secretary: Suzanne Lunham
Organist: Betty Curtis                                          Website: Mitch Cooper


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